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pronounced shä-brē-el, is a singer & songwriter whose soul influenced music aspires to break genre norms. 

Her career began in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, leading to breakout performances at Life Is Beautiful music festival, Emerge Impact + Music festival & more. 

In 2016, Sabriel’s phonetically spelled EP, “shä brē el” was released. Her song “MYF” was a favorite amongst fans, leading Sabriel to direct, film and produce the “MYF” music video in 2019.

In 2018, Sabriel compiled an album featuring her most popular songs, and signed with Sweet Soul Records, who distributed her music throughout Japanese record stores. In this same year of growth & self-reflection, she immersed herself into solitude and her music, creating a double-single titled “Flora,” written, recorded and produced on her own. 

Most recently, she has signed with Handwritten Records, and she is working on her next release with the label for 2019.

Sabriel’s music and more can be found at, iTunes, Spotify, etc.