🔈The "B-Sides" EP 🔈

Now available on iTunes, Spotify, etc. 

This assorted EP features unreleased songs from the past year including songs you’ve heard on TV shows such as Star on FOX and Rebel on BET. The goal of this distinct group of songs is to take familiar emotions and pair them with a new heartbeat. 


For the last couple years, I directed some of my focus to working with various producers for music and television. I had the opportunity to write under a fake name in order to give me the freedom to write songs in ANY genre I wanted. The beauty of that is I got to experiment as a songwriter. From there, "La Dee" and tons of other songs were born.  Shows on FOX, BET and various movies were really drawn to them, and I found myself in total shock week after week as I would hear myself in the background of certain characters lives. 

I initially started these projects under a fake name because they were so different from my true style. But the feedback I was getting was hard to ignore. I figured I had to release these songs, so creating this "B-Sides" EP was the perfect opportunity. 

I wanted the 5 songs to no longer be background music, but to be the soundtrack to your entire summer. 

Thank you for letting me experiment with a new genre. I'll be back to my usual soulful songs soon!


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