What the hell is this Emerge festival I'm playing at?

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Let's clear some things up, shall we?

I know I've been sending you all a lot of emails about this new festival I'm playing in April. 

And you're probably asking yourself 2 things.

  1.  "Why do I keep hearing about this 'Emerge' thing?"
  2.  "What the hell even is it?"

I'm here to answer any questions. To me, this isn't just a regular old show or festival I've been invited to play. There is so much more to it, which makes me feel passionately about educating my fanbase about what Emerge has in store. 

Basically, Emerge is a festival AND conference in Las Vegas that brings together the best in new music and ideas. 

The music lineup is carefully curated to showcase the next up-and-coming, emerging artists based off of research and data from Spotify and more.

Now, your next question might be

"Why would I pay to see a bunch of bands I've never heard of?" 

Great question! 
Everyone loves to have been the first to discover an artist before they blow up, and that's exactly what Emerge brings to you. But you're not just getting 3 days of incredible performances from the best musicians you can find. Wander into any Emerge showcase and you’re guaranteed to encounter something new and provocative.

Like an art exhibit from Indecline, or The Fairytale Ball, which immerses you into the story of the underground House / Ballroom scene.

At the heart of Emerge is carefully curated themes that represent some of today’s trickiest topics. When you attend Emerge, it won’t be some random mix-up of bands and talks. You’ll have a cohesive, meaningful experience focused around the things that matter to you most. Plus you’ll discover the ideas and artists that will shape your year.

You can read about what Emerge truly is here, but you're probably still wondering why I'm shoving all this information down your throat. 

As an artist nowadays, it is almost impossible to get your music into the hands of the right people. It's a process that can take a lot of time, money and travel. Being on the lineup as one of the handpicked emerging artists means that I don't have to search for the music industry, because the music industry is coming to me.

I've been given an amazing opportunity to put on a show in front industry professionals and a curious new audience full of people looking to discover their next favorite artist. 
Emerge has a similar experience to SXSW, except Emerge's lineup will always stay true to the amount of artists you will be exposed to. It's a compact way for you to see artists like myself in a 3-day timeframe, without being overwhelmed. You are being handed pure talent, so no need to search far and wide. Which also means that artists performing at Emerge will get the attention they deserve without battling 2,000 other bands. It's a purely respectful experience for the artists and the listeners. 



Tickets for this thing are dirt cheap.

$125 for the entire 3 days. They are currently doing a buy one, get one ticket sale that ends on February 1st at 10 AM. You can use the code BOGOGA or BOGOVIP.

This is an important show for me and all of the other artists. Your support would mean the world to me. So, once regular priced tickets go on sale on February 1st, you can use the code Sabriel for 10% off.

Buy Tickets

And if you have any questions, feel free to respond and I will answer them right away.
Thanks for your time. See you in April!

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